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Schedule: Tournament takes place every 2nd Friday. Next game is listed in the schedule table, see link - "Events - Current Season".
Time: Game starts at 7:00pm. Club opens at 6:45pm.
Place: 2018-19 - Gramy! w salce przy Cerkwi Ukrainskiej ,
Piatek 14-go Wrzesnia 2018 o godz. 7:00 pm!
Holy Eucharist Cathedral
501- Fourth Avenue, New Westminster BC

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Current Season: Here you can find out the results of all the games, which has been played in the current season. The season start in first Friday of September and last until end of June. During the summer months, we do not play any games in the club, but we have few mettings in selected weekends in Mission.
Master Points: Here you can check the Master Points for the current season.
Previous Years Scores: Here you can check the final Master Points for the previous seasons.